That’s a Wrap on DataFest 2018

We would like to thank everyone for coming out to DataFest 2018!

A special thanks to all of the judges, the supporting faculty from our participating schools, and to the industry/academic professionals who were able to devote time in helping students over the weekend.

Presentations and slides will be posted in May when all DataFest events are complete.

We hope to see you all for DataFest 2019!

(Photo Credit for all above pictures: Caroline Kravitz ’19)

Congratulations to the 3 teams who took home prizes:

  • Best Business Insight (Team AsuperNOVA, Yale): Dawn Chen, James Diao, Sarah Wagner, Gloria Wu, Cathy Xue

  • Best User Insight (Team Q(u)ac(ks), Wesleyan): Tiffany Coons, Frederick Corpuz, Kelly Jamrog, Carlo Medina

  • Best Data Integration (Team 3squRls, UConn): Adam Busa, Aleya Hafex, Thomas Kennon


Thanks to our esteemed judging panel:

  • Agbon Edomwonyi, Data Scientist, City of Newark
  • Rich Anziano, Global Head of Statistics, Pfizer
  • Melissa Mischell, Data Scientist, CKM Advisors
  • Ofer Harel, Statistics Professor, UConn

Save the Date — DataFest 2018


DataFest at Wesleyan University — April 6-8, 2018

DataFest is a data analysis competition where students are presented with a large, complex, surprise data set and work over the weekend to explore, analyze, and present their findings.  Teams of 3-5 students work together and compete against other teams. This year we are inviting teams from Wesleyan University, Yale, Conn College, Trinity College, UConn, and Bentley University.

Cash prizes will be awarded for the teams that impress the judges the most.

We will be in touch next semester with registration information.


DataFest 2017 Wrap-up

We had a really enjoyable weekend with all 75 students participating in this year’s DataFest. Lots of thanks to our sponsors, students, consultants, and judges!

Here are the winning teams:

Honorable Mention: Best Pattern Detection
Team: Coup D’ata (Trinity College)
Subekshya Bidari, Kalyan Parajuli
Tristan Peirce, Dylan Spagnuolo


Best Data Preparation
Team: Unsupervised Leopards (Lafayette College/Wesleyan University)
Joshua Arfin, Benjamin Draves, Tiger Huang


Best Innovation
Team: Data Baes (Wesleyan University)
Tiffany Coons, Jack Gorman, Joli Holmes, Asie Makarova


Best in Show
Team: Anscombe’s Quartet (Yale University)
Valerie Chen, James Diao, Alan Liu, Cameron Yick


DataFest 2017 is two days away!

DataFest is fast approaching! Here is some important information. As always, email with any questions.


  • You may come and go as you please, but you will not be allowed to work on the data outside of Exley and Allbritton.
  • You will have friendly consultants present until about 10pm on Friday, between 10am-10pm Saturday, and from 9am-noon on Sunday. These are faculty, grad students, local data professionals, or other professionals with field-specific knowledge of the dataset. They all have different areas of expertise, so if you get stuck on something, ask someone else later. Feel free to ask anything; this is not an exam, but a collaborate competition. Consultants are not there to write code for you, but they are there to help point you in the right direction!
  • For non-Wesleyan students: You may want to check with faculty members at your institution about coordinating rides and about check-in procedures for Inn at Middletown or the Radisson Hotel in Cromwell.
  • We recommend that every member of the team bring a laptop.
  • For Yale, Lafayette, and UConn students: Wireless Internet access will be provided through the “eduroam” SSID on the Wesleyan network. Make sure to configure “eduroam” at your home institution before DataFest!
  • For Trinity and Conn College students: We will provide you with connection instructions at registration.
  • We recommend that you make sure beforehand that the software you will be using throughout the weekend is properly installed and running on your computer.
  • You will be working with a large dataset so make sure that you have the space for it on your hard drive.
  • We will have coffee, tea, water, and snacks available at all times, and meals will be catered at specific times. Feel free to bring anything additional you might want, including your own mug.
  • You are of course free to come and go as you please.
  • Power strips will be made available. But you still may want to bring your own.
  • At the end of DataFest, delete all data from thumb drives, hard drives, etc. The data are sensitive.



  • Each team will have no more than 5 minutes to present their findings to the judges. The time limit will be strictly enforced. You are better off planning your presentation to be under 5 minutes for this reason.
  • Each team will be allowed at most four slides, including a title slide with your group name, etc. That means only 3 slides of content. So at some point on Sunday, you might want to set aside time to think about what you want the judges to know. All team members must be present for the presentation, but not all team members need to actually speak (given the time limitation).
  • Your presentation must be emailed to by 12pm on Sunday. You may create your slides in any application, but you must submit a PDF. If using a web-based tool like GoogleDocs or Prezi, please export to PDF. If you actually want to demonstrate something on the Internet, embed the link in your slides.
  • Along with your presentation you will also turn in a short one-page write-up of your project. You can think about this as the text of your presentation. The judges may refer to these during deliberation. Please send this to by 12pm on Sunday.
  • The judges will decide on the most appropriate awards. Typically awards include Best Insight, Best use of external data, Best visualization. But they may decide another type of award is more appropriate based on student work.
  • Winners will receive medals, certificates, $50/person, and glory!

Information Session

Would you like to hear more about DataFest 2017? Come to our info session in Allbritton 311 12:10pm-1:30pm on Friday, February 17, 2017. Pizza will be provided if you let us know you are coming. Sign-up here!