2023 Re-cap

The 6th annual Wesleyan QAC DataFest concluded on Sunday with 55 participants, 20 revolving all-star statistical consultants, and an esteemed panel of 4 judges. We are full of gratitude for everyone’s energy and hard work this weekend. We hope to see you all again next year!

The Results

Honorable Mention: Connecticut College

Adithya Saranathan, Kersyn McBride, and Wenjie Wang

Best Statistical Insight: University of Connecticut (Team DataHuskies)

Sana Gupta, Mathew Chandy, Giovanni Lunetta, Hari Patchigolla, Shivaram Karandikar

Best Use of External Data: Bentley University

Chuyuan Xie, Sandhya Sangappa, Jazmine Fred, and Peter Brady

Best Data Story: Wesleyan University (Team Into the Tidyverse)

Calvin Gao, Edvin Tran Hoac, Emma Tuhabonye, Aaron Foote, and Ethan Brill-Cass