2017 DataFest

We had a really enjoyable weekend with all 75 students participating in this year’s DataFest. Lots of thanks to our sponsors, students, consultants, and judges!

Here are the winning teams:

Honorable Mention: Best Pattern Detection
Team: Coup D’ata (Trinity College)
Subekshya Bidari, Kalyan Parajuli
Tristan Peirce, Dylan Spagnuolo


Best Data Preparation
Team: Unsupervised Leopards (Lafayette College/Wesleyan University)
Joshua Arfin, Benjamin Draves, Tiger Huang


Best Innovation
Team: Data Baes (Wesleyan University)
Tiffany Coons, Jack Gorman, Joli Holmes, Asie Makarova


Best in Show
Team: Anscombe’s Quartet (Yale University)
Valerie Chen, James Diao, Alan Liu, Cameron Yick


And some pictures of the event!

Photo credit Will Barr ’18

stu_datafest_2017-0402161444 stu_datafest_2017-0402162119

stu_datafest_2017-0402161804 stu_datafest_2017-0402161832 stu_datafest_2017-0402161852 stu_datafest_2017-0402161919 stu_datafest_2017-0402161936 stu_datafest_2017-0402162045   stu_datafest_2017-0402161610 stu_datafest_2017-0402161652 stu_datafest_2017-0402161718 stu_datafest_2017-0402161741 stu_datafest_2017-0402160612 stu_datafest_2017-0402160814


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